Video Wonderfull World by Rioka Kanda

神田莉绪香 - Wonderful World

  1. World Entrance
  2. H.P.B.D.
  3. boyfriend [album ver.]
  4. Wonderful world ~こんな僕にも彼女が出来ました~
  5. くるり
  6. candy kiss
  7. トクベツ
  8. 0:00
  9. Hands up!
  10. 炭酸ペットボトル [album ver.]
  11. Twilight [album ver.]
Nor is it at all prudent for the hunter to be over curious touching the precise nature of the whale spout. It will not do for him to be peering into it, and putting his face in it. You cannot go with your pitcher to this fountain and fill it, and bring it away. For even when coming into slight contact with the outer, vapoury shreds of the jet, which will often happen, your skin will feverishly smart, from the acridness of the thing so touching it. And I know one, who coming into still closer contact with the spout, whether with some scientific object in view, or otherwise, I cannot say, the skin peeled off from his cheek and arm. Wherefore, among whalemen, the spout is deemed poisonous; they try to evad

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